STC’s elements prevent military units from crossing to Lahj

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September Net

The spokesperson of the Government Rajeh Badi said “the so-called South Transitional Council (STC) has stopped a brigade from the national military troops while en route to Lahj governorate within the course of implementing the articles of Riyadh Agreement”.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency, Saba, Badi stated that elements of the STC in the area of al-Sheikh Salim intercepted a brigade of the Coastal Defense Forces accompanied by Saudi troops and opened fire on them, and there were other elements stopped the brigade once again following they arrived in al-Alam checkpoint eastern the interim capital Aden while moving to Lahj prevented them from crossing over by using gunfire.

Badi stated that the Government’s troops were subjected to provocative acts and besieged by the STC’s elements with the aim of triggering military confrontation but the government’s forces exercised utmost degree of restrain, they had to retreat and go back.

The Government’s spokesperson added that” the government’s troops were moved in line with joint agreements and minutes agreed to by the Government and STC under full overseeing by the Command of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition within the course of the implementation of Riyadh Agreement’s articles”.

Badi noted that these continuous violations revealed the true intentions of the STC about the implementation of Riyadh Agreement. By preventing the Government’s troops from entry to Aden the STC has proved renegade from the Riyadh Agreement sponsored by the Command of Arab Coalition.


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