In A Qualitative Operation, the National Army Killed and Wounded Numbers of Militia Members in Mount al-Jawf

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On Sunday, a number of Houthi-Saleh militias were killed and others were injured in a qualitative operation carried out by the National Army and the Popular Resistance Forces in Al-Jouf province in the northeast of the country.

Military sources told “September Net” that the forces of the National Army carried out a qualitative operation aimed at the concentration of militias in the frontier Moza north of the Mtoon district.

The operation carried out by the soldiers of the National Army and the Resistance was successful, leaving a number of dead and wounded among the Houthi-Saleh militias.

The militias following the operation responded with artillery fire at the positions of the national army and the resistance, without causing any casualties or losses.

Occasionally, the National Army forces carry out military operations and ambushes targeting the locations of the militias which suffer heavy losses.

The militias are trying once and while to make progress on the ground, but their attempts goes awry in the face of the steadfastness of the National Army and the resistance on many fronts.

the Militias often launch indiscriminate shelling and indiscriminate artillery attacks on residential areas and farms in several areas of the governorate, causing the displacement of many families as well as damage to the property of citizens.


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