Amran under the weight of poverty and the brutality of militias

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SeptemberNet- Amran province, which has been under the pressure of the militias for three years, is witnessing difficult and complex conditions in various aspects of life.

This can be found in the holy month of Ramadan, where citizens suffer from a sharp decline in living standards, especially those who rely entirely on monthly salaries.

The militia has been unable to pay them salaries for nearly a year.

On the health side, the province suffers from a major deterioration in the health and treatment services provided by hospitals and health facilities, as well as in districts and areas without hospitals.

This contributed to the spread of deadly diseases and epidemics, most notably cholera.

With all the tragic circumstances experienced by citizens in the month of good and compassion, there are militias that have been stripped of mercy.

Citizens have been forced to live under these circumstances, but they must not spoil the rest of the joy and spirituality of Ramadan through harassment that does not stop.

In addition to the theft and sale of gifts and relief aids in the markets by Houthi supervisors and other violations and the militia criminal practices.

In light of the salary cuts and the inability of the militias to pay them, the majority of citizens in Amran province are living in a tragic situation.

It has made the staff especially living in a state of disrepair between salary cuts and the lie of food supply, in which the militia tried to cover up their inability and failure to provide their salaries.

Many employees, especially teachers, are looking for a source of livelihood for themselves and their families away from the teaching profession, labor markets, and khat markets.

This This proves the deterioration of the educational process by the militia, as dozens of teachers, disgruntled by this failure.

As for the non-employees, the situation is worse, and the spread of beggars in mosques and streets is only a manifestation of the difficult living conditions that the citizens of Amran received as a result of the failed sectarian politics of the coup militias.

The militias in Amran have not only cut salaries and destroyed the lives of their citizens.They have also stolen aid and local and international charitable donations, which received mainly to help the poor and the needy.

Houthi supervisors in all districts of the province rob aid and sell them to their benefits under the banner the war support.

Over a week ago the militia took the confiscation of a number of baskets and foodstuffs donated by a benefactor to needy families in the village of Ben Qadem after the arrest of the Dina, which was on board at a militia point in the village of Amad, on its way to the target village.

On the other hand, the militias in Amran are cracking down on merchants and shop owners, by imposing their monies and donations on them under the pretext of the war support.
In addition they force citizens to pay zakat in double amounts for previous years.

This led to the harming of citizens who had used to get a share of these zakat through the merchants themselves.

During the holy month of Ramadan, the militias continue the series of arbitrary and unjustified raids on many villages and areas of the province, based on vague arguments such as searching for wanted persons, unambiguous observance of the holy month of Ramadan or less respect for the feelings of the fasting people.

The militia raided the village of Bani Zubair, Ahal Sarih district, and kidnapped 25 of the residents, including a child, on the pretext of cracking pictures of its dead, According to well-informed sources.


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