At least 13 militia including field leader killed in clashes with NA in al-Bayda

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September Net.


At least 13 coup militia ,including a leader ,were killed and others injured in clashes with National army in Qaifa area of al-Bayda province central Yemen on Sunday.


”Violent battles occurred in the early hours of Sunday between NA and Houth-Saleh insurgents as the latter attempted to control a strategic mountain of Nufan and sites around in Qaifa,but were beaten and fended off” ,September Net correspondent said.

A field leader, known as Abu Murtadha,was among those who killed from militias while 7 soldiers of NA were martyred in the clashes.

NA also seized all weapons of the coupists after beating them.

Its noteworthy that Nufan mountain is a significant height which overlooking and controlling most parts of the region Qaifa.


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