Ibb..Houthi-Saleh militias commit 94 violations in August

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“September Net”
Ibb province, which has been under control of the militias for three years, is witnessing difficult and complex conditions in various aspects of life.

In August, the monitoring unit of the Media Center in the central province of Ibb revealed the coup militia committed dozens of crimes and violations against the people of the province.

In a report released on Saturday, the monitoring unit documented 94 crimes and abuses committed by militia over the past mounth divided between killings, abductions, looting, incursions, armed robbery and other crimes.

The report detailed figures of crimes and violations against citizens, which amounted to 50 murders and wounding “27 dead and 23 injured.

The report also mentioned 11 abductions, 11 breaking into houses, eight assaults and three armed robberies involving private and public property, as well as five crimes of extortion, financial exploitation and six looting.

Over the past August the coup militia deliberately spread the organized chaos in the province, causing a state of insecurity that killed a number of citizens as a result of crimes recorded against an unknown person.


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