PM visits 2nd Military Region in Hadramout

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September Net.
Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin-Daghr visited Thursday the Second Military Region in Hadramout’s provincial capital Mukala.

During the visit, Prime Minister hailed the Region’s great sacrifices in purging Mukala of Al-Qaeda terrorist group, and he was acquainted on the military and combating tasks of the Region’s personnel aimed at deterring armed militias and AQAP terrorist group.

Bin-Daghr was also briefed on the process of reconstructions and rehabs of the installations and facilities inside the 2nd Mil. Region, which inflicted major damages and looting by Al-Qaeda.

“Political leadership is committing to the completion of army building and to restore its unity in accordance with scientific bases to ensure national and powerful army far from any affiliations”, he said.

For his part, Governor of Hadramout and commander of 2nd Region who received the Premier, said the region will continue to make sacrifices to secure the country and citizens protected and stabilized.



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