Coalition aircraft destroy militias reinforcement western Al-Jawf

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September Net.

Saudi-led Arab coalition airplanes destroyed on Thursday reinforcement belonging to coup militias in al-Masloob district western Al-Jawf province.

Local sources told September Net that the airplanes targeted militia’s reinforcements on their way to the site of Al-Ahsom mountain in al-Masloob district, destroying vehicles and field artillery.
The sources added that a number of militias either killed or injured due to the bombing.

The Sixth Military Region spokesperson told September Net that the army forces have managed to capture, on Thursday morning,a militiaman known as Mohammad Yahya Al-Tamah in Malahan site of the same district.

The sources added that the army forces achieved new ground progress yesterday in the sites of al-Masloob district, seized heavy weapons, inflicted militias number of deaths and injured as well as liberated two sites in Kuhish valley western al-Masloob district.



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