President Hadi Receives UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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September Net.

President Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi received on Thursday the UN High Commission for Refugees Filippo Grandi and accompanying delegation and discussed with them activities of the commission and its humanitarian message.

President Hadi highlighted efforts of the commissions since its establishment in Yemen. He presented a review on the situation of the country and the severe humanitarian crisis over Houthi-Saleh rebels’ war on Yemen and its results led to poverty, displacement and epidemics.

“We are looking forward to further activities of humanitarian organizations in Yemen to be provided to needy areas in cooperation with Civil Society Organizations, which gained field experiences during their work,” said President, noting to burdens on our country over internal displacement, as well as increasing numbers of Somali refugees Yemen treats them as Yemenis.

“We are responsible on all Yemeni people from our national and humanitarian responsibilities towards them,” added President Hadi.

For his part, Grandi expressed pleasure for meeting with the president and for his complete review on Yemen’s conditions. He valued Yemen’s support to Somali and African refugees despite difficult conditions.

“We will work hard to provide all possible needs and assistances to Yemen,” said the High Commissioner, revealing on next visit to the transitional capital Aden on December.

We are part of the UN inclusive response in Yemen and work on mobilizing resources and humanitarian support to the deserved people.


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