Intensive airstrikes on militia in Hajjah

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The Arab Coalition aircraft have intensified its bombing on the positions and crowds of Houthi-Saleh militia in Harad and Midi cities, in the northwestern province Hajjah.

September Net reporter said that an air raid by coalition destroyed completely a T62 military tank for militias, and two others raids targeted weapons and landmines depot east of Harad city.

Similarly, the aircraft bombed with three raids the rebels rallies in the neighboring city of Midi, west of al-Makhazen farms.

Meantime, tens of the Houthi-Saleh militias were killed and wounded as a result of the coalition bombing, in addition to the destruction of military equipment, according to the reporter.

In the context, the coup militia have confessed their heavy losses in bodies and machines as the coalition airstrikes targeted their training center in al-Jar farms of Abs district last week, killing and wounding 80 militants, including field leaders.



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