Al-Shayef: army closes on taking Barat Al-Anan

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Head of operations in the army’s Border Guards 1st brigade , Colonel Othman Al-Shayef, affirmed that the brigade’s forces had liberated all the highlands in the strategic Mountains of Al- Dahra, which is the main gate of the center of Barat Al-Anan district, in Al-Jawf governorate.

Interviewed by the brigade’s media, Al-Shayef explained that the deployment of his troops extend from the Al-Kafal sector to Jabal Habash and the Dahra Mountains, which is a total of 100km of liberated area​​s.

“The coup militia suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives, while the army heroes were able to recover many heavy, medium and light weapons.”

He pointed out that the forces face three fronts, namely the arms smuggling and the landmines, in addition to the main front against the Houthi rebels, stressing that they are in control of the situation on the ground.

He called on the remaining supporters of the Houthi militia to join the government’s forces, warning them of fabrication and misinformation on the rebels- run media outlets.

He praised the Saudi-led Arab coalition’s air support to the National Army on the ground, which inflicting heavy losses on the militias.

Al-Shayef affirmed that victory is coming and soon the district and all Yemeni soil will be freed from the Iran-backed Houthi militia.


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