Army keeps advancing western Taiz

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National Army made a new progress on the ground at the western front of Taiz city, while the Houthi militia experienced heavy losses of lives and materials, field sources reported to September Net.

The sources said that the army forces launched massive attack on positions held by the Houthi rebels at ‘Al-Hesn’ mountain, in Maqbanah district south Taiz, liberating large parts of the mountain following violent clashes.

In addition, the army troops were able to thwart attack by the militia on its sites and locations around ‘Al-Awaid’ mountain in the same front. Heavy confrontations, in which all different types of weapons used, followed the offensive that resulted in casualties among the attackers and finally in their withdrawal and feeling.

Eyewitnesses also reported seeing military patrol vehicles belonging to the rebels carrying bodies of its killed elements following the fighting.

Arab coalition warplanes also conducted two air raids on Houthi gatherings killing and wounding a number of them.

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