Army forces liberates fresh positions east of Sana’a.

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National army troops, with air support from Arab coalition fighters, have liberated new military positions, following fierce fighting against the Houthi coup militia, eastern the capital Sana’a.

The army forces had regained control over ‘Saleh Ali’ Hills, the ‘Al-Rubah’ range of hilltops, and ‘Mahali’ valley in the Nihm directorate, east of Sana’a, a source in the field told September Net.

Dozens were killed and injured from the Houthi rebels, and scores others were captured, added the source.

Arab coalition jet fighters, meanwhile, bombarded the positions and reinforcements of the militia in the same area.

During the last few days, the army troops in Nihm front have made a significant field advancements taking control over a number of strategic areas from the Iran-backed Houthi rebels militia.

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