President Hadi stresses the importance of bolstering local resistance in Tehama province

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi stated that it is very important to boost local resistance’s role in different regions of Tehama province in order to defeat the Iranian scheme in Yemen and the region which has been promoted by Iran-allied Houthi militia.

President Hadi’s statement came as he met Sunday in the interim capital Aden with governor of Al-Mahweat province Dr Saleh Somei’a .

Somei’a reported to the President about the situations in the province and the role of Al-Mahweat’s population in resisting Houthi militia’s control.

President Hadi vowed to provide different forms of support to enable the Yemeni people of defeating Houthi militia’s coup and establish the new federal Yemen that all Yemeni peoples agreed on through the National Dialogue’s outcomes and the draft constitution of the Federal State.


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