Fatah condemns Houthi obstruction of ICRC’s teams’ entry into Hodeidah

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Minster of Local Administration, the chief of the Higher Committee for Relief Aid, Abduraqib Fatah has condemned the Houthi militia’s barring of the entry of an ICRC medical team into the Durayhimi district south of the city of Hodeidah where civilians are in need of medical aid.

In a statement to Saba, Fatah said this conduct and the seizure of scores of relief aid-laden vehicles and extorting big amounts of money from aid convoys are “terrorist acts and in violation of the international humanitarian law.”

The rebel militia are reportedly seizing convoys of humanitarian aid in highway checkpoints they maintain in Hodeidah, Ibb and Dhamar provinces, the west and the center of the country.

Fatah said these acts “require the international community to bear its humanitarian responsibility of preventing these incidents.

He, however, hailed the Arab Coalition’s cooperation attitude with relief aid efforts including its granting of permits to the ICRC teams to enter Yemen and offer healthcare to the people of Hodeidah and granting of permits to all other international humanitarian aid organizations.

Fatah called on the Humanitarian Lisa Grande to clearly condemn the Houthi militia for their actions and to intervene urgently by ensuring that medical teams are allowed into the afflicted regions of Hodeidah and seized aid convoys are freed.
He called on Grande to take the proper measures to report these terrorist acts to the UN Security Council and to ensure that such acts are not repeated again.
Fatah said the militia compounded the suffering of the people of Hodeidah and other provinces by obstructing the flow of aid.
He renewed the commitment of the government to offer aid to all provinces of Yemen and to facilitate the mission of aid organizations.


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