Vice President asks about security developments in liberated areas

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Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh has phoned Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior Ahmad al-Maisari on the recent security developments in the liberated areas.

Vice President praised efforts of normalizing conditions in the liberated areas and realizing security and stability, as well as reconstruction over the war triggered by Houthi militia.

He confirmed care of President Hadi and his directives to the government and the Economic Committee of solving the political crisis and the deterioration of currency, pointing out that the people’s economic conditions and their livings are on the top list of the legality’s concern.

Vice President pointed out to keenness of realizing permanent peace on the bases of the three references for ending the coup and regaining the Yemeni state via participation in a new round of peace talks under the sponsorship of the United Nations.

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister confirmed that the security and military institutions and other institutions are exerting their best efforts for normalizing life and providing services to citizens and realizing security and stability.


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