Dozens Houthis killed in Maran, Army advances in Baqim, says brig. Al-Athalah

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The Commander of Saada Military confirmed that large number of Houthi rebels were killed in past 72 hours during the ongoing battles with the army’s 3rd brigade Al-Amalekah in Maran region, in Saada province .

In a statement to September Net , Brigadier Obeid Al-Athalah pointed out that the Houthi militias suffer terrible setbacks and collapses, while army continues its progress.

He noted that National Army has been imposing a siege on Maran region from different directions, within the military operation “cutting the head of snake” ( in reference to the leader of Houthi rebel militia).

The brigadier also affirmed that the army forces in Baqim front managed to take over the the Black Hills: Almasna’a, Alhajarbeb and Almajofa, located eastern Mahdedah, in the same province.

He pointed out that Arab coalition jets targeted huge reinforcements of the militias heading from the center of Haidan district to Maran, the stronghold of the Houthi militias and their rebel leader, preventing them from reaching their destination.

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