More than thousand Houthi rebels killed over past 10 days in Sa’ada

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National army forces have advanced further into the mountains of Marran and reached the outskirts of Jamima area where the tomb of Hussein al-Houthi lays following fierce confrontations with the Houthi coup militia.

Brigadier Abdulkarim Alsdaee ,commander of the third brigade,said that the army forces , with support from Arab Coalition, have made progress towards the areas of Jarf Salman, which is considered a holy area for the Houthi coupists and where their leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi is based.

Brig. Alsadee added that more than 1,300 Houthi militiamen were killed, in the past 10 days, during battles with army forces in Marran mountains in the district of Hidan.

Notably, Jarf Salman is a village in Marran mountains in Sa’ada. It’s the headquarter of the Houthi leader, and was where Hussein al-Houthi was based before being killed on September 10,2004 by the Yemen army forces.



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