Army experts pull out hundreds of mines in Baqim

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The army’s engineering teams in Alap Axis have removed new quantity of landmines and improvised explosive devices planted by Houthi militias in several areas that had been recently liberated by army in Baqim district, north of Saada province.

“The army’s engineers extracted more than 200 mines and explosive devices that were laid by the militias on the public roads and residential villages of Baqim district,” Brigadier Abdu Mofareh, the commander of Special Mission Battalion told September Net.

Mofareh pointed out that Houthi militias had deliberately camouflaged those mines and explosives in different various forms which can’t be recognized by the citizens.

He affirmed that the National Army is continuing demining the liberated areas from mines and IEDs that have inflicted civilian casualties as they returned to their homes from which Houthi militias had previously displaced.

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