PM orders setting-up ministerial committee tasked with managing damages caused by Luban cyclone in Al-Maharah

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Prime Minister Dr Ma’een Abdulmalik ordered establishing a ministerial committee tasked with handling the consequences of natural disaster caused by Luban cyclone in the province of Al-Maharah. The committee chaired by Minister of Local Administration Abdulraqeeb Fatah.

The committee includes membership of following ministers:
Minister of Electricity and Energy Abdullah Al-Aqwa’a, Minister of Water and Environment Al-Azi Shuraim, Minister of Health and Population Nasser Ba-aum.

Minister of Telecom and Information Technology Louti Bashareef, Minister of Education Abdullah Al-Amlas, Governor of Al-Maharah Rajeh Bakreit, and Deputy Minister of Public Works and Highways Mohammed Thabit.

The committee is authorized to set-up technical teams to assess damages, work out a program for handling the damages, to follow up aid and relief delivering and coordinate with organizations operate in relief actions.


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