A report on Houthi militias’ violations against opponents’ houses in Sana’a

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The Houthi rebel militias have raided and looted 235 houses belonging to Yemeni political, social, and military figures in the capital Sana’s since they invaded it in September 21, 2014 up to the end of October 2018, according to statistical report.

The report issued by Al-Asima Information Center, said the Houthi militias’ assaults against houses, within the capital Sana’a only, varied between forcing the inhabitants out of, storming, looting and ongoing occupation.

The Political and Partisan leaders were, according to the report, the most affected category whose houses were targeted by the Houthi attacks, with a total number amounted 88 homes.

“The Houthi militias broke into and stole the houses of 45 Officials in the legitimate Government, 10 Presidential and governmental advisors, 16 Parliament Members, and 10 Diplomats, in addition to 26 business-men and women, who were all forced to leave the country,” the report indicated.

Moreover, the Houthi rebels’ violations also touched the houses of “29” tribal Sheikhs and dignitaries from various Yemeni political parties and regions, “19 ” academicians from different Ymeni Universitas “39” Army officers who were against the coupist militias, the report explained.

It also pointed out that the Houthi rebels are still occupying 114 houses and villas in different areas of Sana’a.The militias have also sold dozens of houses owned by military and political opponents, and transferred 17 houses into prisons, in which the militias have been detaining and brutally torturing hundreds of Yemeni abductees.

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