VP, Minister of Defense, Chief of Staff discuss military situations

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Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met with Minister of Defense (Lt Gen) Mohammed Al-Maqdashi and General Chief of Staff (Lt Gen) Abdullah Annakha’i.

Discussions focused on the latest developments about military situations and units in the battlefields.

The Vice President advised further efforts and work to redress irregularities and go on building the military on patriotic and professional criteria as President Hadi urged.

The Vice President stated that legitimate government is very interested in contributing sincerely to the ongoing peace consultations in Sweden in order to achieve tangible progress that can give Yemenis hopes in peaceful solution and permanent peace based on the three terms of reference.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen noted that Houthi militia’s attacks have been continuing against different sites, targeting civilians, demolishing houses.

The Vice President expressed thanks for the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for their support for Yemen’s security, stability and development


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