Yemeni Govt commends WFP’s reaction to Houthi militia’s messing with relief aids

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Yemeni Government has applauded measures announced by World Food Program (WFP) to stop Houthi militia’s squandering humanitarian and relief assistance.

Foreign Ministry called on International Community (IC) to condemn such violations by the militia. In statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) obtained a copy of it the Foreign Ministry stated that ” it has been following what the WFP’s investigative survey showed that humanitarian aids have been looted by Houthi militiamen in the militia-controlled regions. It happened that the Yemeni government have repeatedly pointed out to in its letters communicated to the UN and its agencies.

The government has welcomed the investigative survey’s findings”.

The Foreign Ministry underscored the need for an overhaul of the mechanism of relief action in Yemen by adopting decentralization in distributing assistances. It stated that lists of national partners and workers of organizations operate in relief need to be revised.

The Ministry blamed some organizations which operate in humanitarian and relief in Yemen for keeping on silence over Houthi militia’s looting aids, arresting and bullying aid workers, and employing local partners loyal to the militia.


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