Marib Executive Office discuss 2019 Action-Plan

Local 0 H.k

Executive Office of Marib Local Authority held its first monthly meeting Sunday chaired by Governor Maj. General Sultan Al-Arradah.

The session devoted to review achievements realized in 2018 and discuss outlines of 2019 action –plan

Al-Arradah cited most significant achievements local authority managed to bring about in development, infrastructure, security , social and humanitarian domains. He singled out designs of Marib international airport’s structures and Plant for Processing Marib Sanitation Network as examples of notable achievements made in 2018.

Concerning to local authority’s top priorities in 2019 the governor cited the electricity project aimed to get all districts and villages in the province connected with Electricity Gas Plant and Reconstructing Marib Al-Aber Highway, second phase, a project to be funded by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




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