Council of Ministers mourns death of five demining experts in accidental explosion

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September Net

Council of Ministers mourned the death of five foreign experts of demining and one more injured who worked for the Saudi-Demining Project” MASAM” in Yemen.

The Cabinet expressed deep sorrow for the regretful incident that claimed the lives of five experts and wounded one more who came to help demining the landmines planted by Iran-allied Houthi militia in the governorate of Mareb.

The Cabinet mourned the demise of the five foreign experts in statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) obtained a copy of, in which it reported that “MASAM” experts were killed in an accidental explosion occurred as they were collecting the landmines from a store affiliated to “MASAM” Center in order to ship the landmines and unexploded ammunition on vehicles as a preliminary step to ruin them so that they can’t be used anymore. An accidental explosion occurred in one of the laden cars resulted in killing the five experts, wounding one more.

The Cabinet expressed heartfelt condolences to the victims’ families, wishing the inured immediate recovery.

The Council of Ministers reiterated its support for “MASAM” Project, deeply appreciating its vitally important efforts that helped pulling out hundreds of the thousands of landmines planted by Iran-backed Houthi militia. It is worth mentioning that Houthi militia’s landmines victims amounted above 10 thousands almost children and women.


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