Info. Minister calls for UN’s stern respond to Houthi militia’s intransigence

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Minister of Information Muamer al-Iryani demanded practical steps by the UN to press for implementing Sweden Agreement as Houthi rebel militia hasn’t yet carried out any of its obligations stipulated by the agreement.

In a series of tweets he post on his account, al-Irayani applauded the statement by the UN Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Emergency Affairs, Mark Lowcock , in which plainly blamed Houthi militia for blocking access to the Red Sea Mills Silos which contain large quantities of grains enough to feed as many as three millions of the people in need for one month.

The Minister asked for a more effective role by the UN in alleviating the Yemeni peoples’ suffering in the militia controlled regions.

” UN should speak openly and single out the party which impedes the implementation of Stockholm’s Agreement, secure safe routes for relief convoys, ship grains stored in the Red Sea Mills and distribute to the people in need”, said al-Iryani


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