PM meets with Arab Ambassadors to the UN in Geneva

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik held Monday a session with Arab Ambassadors to the UN headquarters in Geneva.

The meeting devoted to discuss the latest developments about the situations in Yemen in light of Houthi rebel militia’s intransigence and challenging the International Community (IC) by rejecting to comply with the binding International Security Council resolutions, the most recent of all Sweden Agreement.

Discussions also touched upon Iranian interventions in Arab internal affairs, including the Iranian flagrant interference in Yemen and its attempts aiming to prolong the conflict in Yemen to server its regional expansion ambitions.

The Prime Minister detailed Arab diplomats on the ongoing developments in Yemen at different levels. He cited underway UN-led efforts to make peace and obstructions to the implementation of the Sweden Agreement.

Dr. Ma’een has made clear that now there is only one single objective the government has been working on to put Sweden Agreement in place.” There is no room for any more consultations or discussions at present, but to implement Stockholm Agreement”, said Maeen.

The Prime Minister briefed the Arab Ambassadors on the government’s efforts and action-plan to renormalize the situations, reinstate basic services and go on reconstruction campaign.

He also pointed out to the difficult humanitarian situations created by Houthi militia’s coup, highlighting the government’s efforts aiming allay the suffering of the Yemeni people.


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