Resistance fighters free sites, kill tens Houthi militants in Hajjah


September Net – Hajjah

Tens elements in the Houthi militias were killed on Sunday during fierce battles with resistance fighters of Hajoor tribes in the east of Hajjah province, northwestern the country.

The fighters of Hajoor managed to liberate strategic sites including the mountain of al-Kawye’ed and the positions of al-Hagr, al-Esabah and al-Ghamar in the district of Kushar.

Hajoor fighters forced the Houthi rebels to flee posts, leaving their dead bodies scattered and dumped in the mountains

In the context, the Houthi militias launched fierce attack on sites of Hajoor resistance in Jomanah front southern Kushar district, but the heroes of Hajoor thwarted the attack and forced the militias to flee and retreat.

Hajoor resistance managed to ambush groups of Houthi militias in the area of Bani Shos in Kushar district.

The Arab coalition aircraft launched air strikes today’s evening on gatherings and positions of Houthi militias in several areas of Kushar district.

Tens Houthi rebels were killed and more injured in the battles.


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