Hajjah…Army attacks militias in Harrad, tribes cut their supply line in Kushar


September Net – Hajjah

National army forces launched on Tuesday large scale military operation targeting Houthi militias’ positions in Harrad front western Hajjah province.

Scores of Houthi militiamen were killed and injured during the battles.

Among the dead militants so-called Wadah Ahmad Nasser Taweel, one of the militias major leaders and the cultural officer in Harrad front.

In Parallel, the resistance fighters of Hajoor tribes made new progress in the area of al-Abeesah eastern Kushar district in the north of Hajjah.

Hajoor fighters launched today sudden attack against Houthi militias in the east of Kushar district, liberating the strategic mountain of al-Hadeq which overlooks the route line connecting between Amran province and Muthalath Ahem in Hajjah.

The tribesmen also managed to clear several positions in the eastern front of Kushar from remaining elements of Houthi militias.

Hajoor tribes are imposing siege on Houthi militants in the area of Makheed in Kushar district.

Meanwhile, the tribes fighters cut off today the Houthi militias’ main supply route linking between Qarayat and al-Mandalah areas in Kushar.

In parallel, the Arab coalition fighters jets targeted Houthi militias’ gatherings, positions and combat vehicles.

Scores of Houthi militants were killed and wounded as a result of the ground battles and air raids.


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