Yemeni film “10 Days Before Zafa” Wins Aswan Festival Award

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September Net

The Yemeni film (ten days before Zafah) won the Special Jury Prize for the category of long films at the Aswan International Festival for Women’s Films in its third session, which ended yesterday evening in the Aswan city in Egypt.

Amr Jamal, the director of the Yemeni film, said in a speech delivered in front of the festival “This award means a lot to continue making movies in a country that has suffered wars in recent years, like Yemen. ”

The jury member, Laila Alawi, said “The fact that the jury wishes to pay tribute to the film is the first Yemeni film with such a degree of professionalism,” stressing that: “The heroine and the hero, as well as all the actors and actresses of the film were wonderful. ”

The competition in the category of feature films was limited to 12 different films, including two Arab films: the Yemeni film (10 days before Zafah) and another of the Kingdom of Morocco, the other 10 being distributed in several Western countries.


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