HR report: Houthi militias commit 6234 violations against civilians southern Taiz

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi militias committed 6234 HR violations against the population of Al-Shukb area south of Taiz city from 9 Sep. 2015 until mid-March 2019, rights report said.

Human Rights and Monitoring Commission in Al-Shukb, said it registered the “illegal killing of 55 cases including 10 children and 8 women, and the physical wounding  of 227 cases including 52 children, 52 women.”

The report said that landmines planted by Houthi militias killed 3 civilians, maimed 11 others among them four women were disabled forever.

The report document that Houthi rebels abducted 31 cases and severely tortured four.

According to the report, the militias forcibly displaced 94 families from their homes, while 600 more families were displaced due to Houthi militias’ abuses.

The report explained that the physical damage to the homes and properties of citizens in the area amounted to 713, pointing that the militias fired  3411 projectiles, varied between Katyusha rockets and artillery shells, mortar rounds and RPGs.

The report stated that it monitored other militias’ abuses in the area, including besieging patients, looting and suspension of the educational process.


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