90 Houthi militants killed, injured during clashes with national army in Al-Dhale


September Net

90 elements of Houthi coup militia were killed and wounded on Saturday during clashes with national army in the north of Al-Dhale province, southern the country.

The fighting broke out today’s morning as the Houthi militia tried to attack the areas of ” Mohkan, Satah, al-Kadm” in the south of Damt district, but the army forces foiled the attack.

The clashes resulted in the killing of 40 Houthi militants and wounding 20 others, while the army managed to capture 8 others.

In Parallel, the army artillery targeted Houthi militia’s reinforcements in its way to the areas of clashes, destroying two military patrols.

Meanwhile, 20 Houthi militia elements killed and 10 others wounded as they tried to sneak into army’s sites in the west of Qutobah district northern Al-Dhale.

The army foiled the militia’s infiltration attempt and forced them to flee after inflicting heavy losses.


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