Marib: Seminar about abductees’ situation in Houthi-run jails


September Net

A seminar held Thursday in Marib province discussed the Houthis’ violations and crimes against the abductees and detainees in the militia-held prisons.

The event, titled “Detainees and Abductees inside militia’s jails.. suffering before and after  release”, was organized by the Defense Ministry’s Department of Social Care.

The Chairwoman of the Abductees’ Mothers Association Sabah Basweid presented a paper about violations and torture the abductees are subjected to inside the militia’s prisons.

Basweid said the Association documented the death of 71 abductees under torture and the killing of 48 others inside the  jails during last year.

A second paper was presented by Dr Omar Radman. it talked about the role of the official sides and local and international human rights organizations in informing the international community about   suffering and violations against the  abductees inside Houthi’s jails.

A number of human rights advocates, activists and researchers also contributed to the seminar.


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