Houthi militia fails to block government meeting in Hodeidah


September Net

The UN redeployment mission monitoring chief in Hodeidah, Danish General Michael Lollesgaard succeeded in holding a meeting with the government team in the redeployment committee on Saturday, despite methods used by the Houthi militia to disrupt the meeting.

The militia targeted the national army by firing bullets, which was opening the way for the passage of the UN team to the areas of legitimate control, but Lollesgaard insisted on moving forward despite the shooting, well informed sources told September Net.

The international convoy was forced to stop more than half an hour because of the fire that was aimed at the passage of Lollesgaard , but eventually  managed to transit, the sources confirmed.

The UN redeployment mission monitoring chief chaired a meeting in the liberated areas of the government team to discuss the new UN concept of redeployment submitted by the UN mission to Yemen.

Before the meeting, the national army forces displayed a group of photographs and scenes in front of Lollesgaard showing the victims who had been killed by the Houthi militia.

The government team condemned the Houthi escalation in Hodeidah, in targeting the headquarters of the government’s redeployment committee.

According to a source in the government’s redeployment committee, Houthi militia has so far refused to hold a joint meeting to implement the first phase of the redeployment, stressing that the government committee has shown all cooperation for urgent implementation.


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