Cabinet welcomes the final statement of Arab League summit

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Yemen’s Cabinet has welcomed the final statement of the Arab League summit held in the Tunisian capital on Sunday, especially the continuous united Arab support to the legitimate government and to the efforts to reach political resolution of the conflict with the Houthi militia.

In its regular meeting in Aden on Wednesday, the Cabinet appreciated the call of Arab leaders on the Houthi militia to honor the ceasefire and implement the Stockholm Agreement which the UN sponsored in December.

The Cabinet pointed to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s address to the summit especially his emphasis on peace and the government’s offers and concessions in this regard versus the Houthi deliberate sabotage of all peace talks in different ways every time.

The Cabinet cited President Hadi’s call on the international community and the UN Security Council to take penal measures to end the Houthi dodging, delay and foot-dragging tactics towards offers of peace talks.

The Cabinet appreciated the statement’s call for ending the Yemen crisis away from the external interventions in such a way that preserves Yemen’s unity and independence and brings security and stability back to Yemen and the Arab Gulf region.

It also appreciated the statement’s call for intensification of humanitarian aid deliveries to the Yemeni people so as to help them survive the serious crisis they are going through.



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