Human rights training course to Yemenis in Morocco

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September Net

A training course in field of human rights to Yemeni researchers and students in Morocco commenced activities on Wednesday.

The course is organized by Yemen’s embassy in cooperation with Moroccan National Human Rights Council and Human Rights Institute.

“This course comes as positive fruit of cooperation between the two friendly countries in democracy and human rights program and aims at capacity building of Yemeni researchers in Moroccan universities,” said Yemen’s Ambassador to Morocco Ezuldin al-Asbahi.

He added that the practical expertise of transitional justice and democracy in Morocco deserves concern and making use of it, especially as Yemen is building its active institutions for realizing the state of law.

For his part, the Director of the National Institute for Human Rights Muneer Abdullatif confirmed continuous support for training programs to Yemeni cadre in realizing human rights process in Yemen.


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