Parliament speaker praises first extraordinary session

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September Net

The speaker of the Yemeni parliament hailed the first session the legislature held in years in Yemen’s eastern city of Sayoun last Saturday saying it removed the disappointment and frustration the Houthi militia had spread among the Yemeni people.

Addressing a new session on Tuesday, he regretted the rebel militia’s barbarous persecution of the MPs living in the capital Sana’a by attacks against them, their houses, relatives and properties.

“Many of you colleagues in Sana’a who could not come here because of the Houthi restrictions are joining you with their hearts and minds,” he told the assembly.

He reiterated the Yemeni people’s trust that the their brethren countries at the Arab Coalition especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE will continue to provide help to Yemen to defeat the Houthi militia, restore the Yemeni state and preserve the Yemeni unity.


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