Protesters slam international silence over Houthi crimes against civilians  

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September Net

Large numbers of protesters have slammed “the silence of the world” over the Houthi planting of landmines which lead to casualties including the killing of two children and wounding three others in Al-Jawf on Monday.

The protesters who rallied in the capital of the northern Yemen province on Tuesday said the rebel militia have planted landmines in large numbers and ubiquitously in markets, roads and everywhere “not at all taking into account the human rights laws.”

In a statement, they said: “We bring the despicable crime that took place yesterday and the previous crimes before the UN organizations and all human rights advocates. Such crimes which claim the lives of the innocent civilians on almost a daily basis do not cause the world to raise an eye brow. And we do not see any action to stop them.”

The statement demanded the UN peace mediator to visit the province to see closely the magnitude of the atrocities committed by Houthis against civilians and to save thousands of civilian lives under the danger the militia pose to them.”

The protesters demanded a quick trial of the terrorist Houthi cells in charge of planting explosive devices and landmines in outdoor markets and roads.


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