Houthi militia blocks access to ‘floating bomb’ oil tanker off Yemen’s coast

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September Net

The world oil and energy news website said that the Houthi coup militia is preventing UN team from assessing the danger from a floating oil tanker that has been sitting off Yemen’s coast since 2015 and hasn’t been maintained or attended since then.

Oil Price described the tanker as “a floating bomb” that could explode after sitting unattended for so long.

Experts were quoted  as saying that the oil in tanker now is at danger of exploding, potentially leading to an environmental disaster and further aggravating what is already the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The website mentioned that the Houthi militia are blocking access to the oil tanker, demanding a share of the revenues from the potential sale of some 1 million barrels of oil that the tanker still contains.

Last week, the leader in the Houthi rebels Mohammed Ali al-Houthi asked the United Nations to sell the cargo of crude to generate revenues that would be used for the purchase of fuel and salaries for public sector employees, according to the world oil and energy news website.

Various experts and organizations have been warning for months that the floating oil tanker is at danger of exploding.

Last month, the Atlantic Council said in a report that the “massive floating bomb in the Red Sea needs urgent attention” and that despite the several requests for UN assistance by Yemeni authorities, “the bomb remains afloat, untended and under the control of the Houthis militia.”


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