Army artillery fire bombs militia’s gatherings in Hajjah


September Net

The national army forces on Sunday, launched intensive artillery shelling of positions and gatherings of the Houthi militia in province of Hajjah, in the northwestern of the country.

The Army targeted by heavy artillery reinforcements and movements of the Houthi militias in several areas of Haradh and Abes districts north of the province.

The shelling targeted militia’s movements in the village of Bani Hilal, Wadi Al-Sha’ab and Bani Ali, south of Harad district.

The national army artillery fired at the movements of the militia in Berman village and Al-Jar  farms in Abs district.

The national army in Mustaba district targeted  by artillery locations and gatherings of the Houthi militia in Al- Dush and Jabal Al-Husan.

The shelling resulted in the killing and wounding of several elements of the Houthi militia, in addition to the destruction of several equipment of the militia.


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