Cabinet condemns militia’s death sentences against oppositionists

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The Council of Ministers has condemned the Houthi militia’s sentencing of 36 peaceful oppositionists to death in the capital Sana’a this week.

In a routine session the Cabinet deplored the militia’s use of courts as a tool to oppress their oppositionists citing the latest trial and death sentences after four years of imprisonment of these activists and torturing them in jails.

The Cabinet demanded the OHCHR and the UN peace mediator in Yemen to intervene with all possible means to save these activists from the militia’s extrajudicial killing. The Cabinet said the death sentences are illegal from an illegitimate court affiliate to an illegitimate governing authority.

The Cabinet renewed its condemnation of the Iranian regime’s involvement in smuggling arms and technology to Houthis in Yemento use them in terrorist operations.

It said that the militia’s recent parade of arms was an open proof of the Iranian origin of these arms. The Cabinet said it represents a clear defiance to the UN Security Council resolutions no. 2216 and 2140 which prohibit the supply of all sorts of arms to the rebels.

It called on the UN to take deterring actions against Iran which insists on prolonging the Yemeni conflict by supplying the Houthis with arms and rockets that threaten the international shipping including in Bab al-
Mandeb straits.

The Cabinet approved the formation of a national committee to devise a plan for curbing child labor and child soldier recruitments.

The Cabinet approved a cooperation pact between Yemen and the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat). The pact provides for the opening of a main office for the UN-Habitat in the temporary capital Aden.


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