Yemen condemns Qatar’s finance for printing Houthi schoolbooks

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September Net

The government of Yemen has condemned Qatari Charitable Society for financing a project for printing schoolbooks for Houthi militia’s schools.

“All have to know that Houthi militia has made changes into public education textbooks in the Republic of Yemen since its coup against the constitutional legality to deep root its political and religious malicious thoughts،” said the ministry of education in a release published by Saba on Friday.

For this reason, the ministry denounces Qatari Charitable Society for financing printing those poisoned and misleading schoolbooks targeting faith and nationality of Yemeni students, added the ministry.

The ministry confirmed that Qatar’s Charity takes part in poisoning Yemeni student’s brain for adopting a project for printing sectarian textbooks and contributes in harming public education as these books contain falsified faithful thoughts establishing for more sectarian conflicts between people of one homeland.

Earlier, Qatar Charity made a tender for printing schoolbooks to Yemeni students in Houthi-held provinces.




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