FM contributes to Arab League council’s emergency session

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadrami contributed Saturday to the emergency meeting of Arab League council at the level of Arab Foreign Ministers.

The session was convened at request of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In his contribution to the Arab Foreign Ministers’ discussions Al-Hadrami reiterated the Republic of Yemen’s stance expressed earlier in official statement condemned the Turkish military operations north-east Syria.

Al-Hadrami voiced our country’s support for the resolution issued by the meeting which denounced the Turkish aggression as it is a flagrant violation of the UN’s principles and the International Security Council resolutions in relevance, a direct threat to Arab national security and international security and peace.

The Arab League council expressed absolute rejection of any Turkish attempt and all other endeavors aiming to impose demographic changes in Syria by using force in the so-called ” Buffer zone”.

The Arab League council also called on Turkey to stop aggression, immediately and unconditionally withdraw from all Syrian territories.



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