Blood of army martyrs will not go in vain, Army Spokesman says


September Net

Army Spokesman Brig. Abdu Mujali has said blood of the martyrs, fell in the Iran-backed Houthi militia’s treacherous attack, will not go in vain and the army forces will retaliate strongly to the Houthi criminal militia on different warfronts.

Brig. Mujali said the “ballistic missiles fired by Houthi militia towards Marib province targeting worshipers inside a mosque near a training camp, has resulted in martyrdom of 79 and injury of 81 from the Armed Forces ( affiliated with Fourth Presidential Guards Brigade) and civilians.

“These terrorist acts will not halt our people, political leadership and armed forces from proceeding toward completing liberation of areas held by Houthi coup militia, the spokesman said.

Mujali pointed out that these treacherous criminal targetings will only make “our armed forces more solid and powerful and increase their determination to defeat the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia.”

This criminal act took place after victories achieved by our army forces on various fronts, mainly in eastern Sana’a Nihm, Taiz, Sa’ada and Al-Bayda provinces, the spokesman said.

He affirmed that army will continue making gains and will response hardly to the Houthi militia which has suffered a state of hysteria and insane that they fire random missiles on civilian areas in violation of international norms and humanitarian laws.



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