Yemen, Spain discuss latest developments

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September Net

The Charge D’ Affairs of Yemen’s Embassy in Madrid Mohammad Ma’udha discussed with General Director of Maghreb, Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East Department at Spain Foreign Ministry Eva Martinez latest developments in Yemen.

Ma’udha reviewed Houthi militia’s escalation in Nihm District, Marib and parts of Jawf Province, pointing to Houthi utilization of Stockholm Agreement for reinforcing warfronts and continuing war, challenging all peace efforts.

He also pointed out to Houthi hindrance of re-deployment in Hodeidah and instead posed obstacles on UN Mission’s movement for supporting Hodeida Agreement, continuing their rejection to allow the UN team to inspect Safir Oil Tanker swimming on the Red Sea to avoid environment catastrophe.

He noted to Houthi rejection of allowing dealing with the newly printed national banknotes, a matter complicated suffering of Yemeni people and humanitarian crisis and to the militia’s seizure of 127 tons of humanitarian aid from WFP’s stores.

The government announced kicking off direct flights for transporting patients from Sana’a to Cairo and Amman from February for alleviating suffering of citizens, who are unable to endure ground travelling to Yemeni airports in other provinces, he confirmed.

He stressed significance of Spanish support and providing relief support, as well as activating a number of frozen agreements with Yemen.

For her part, the Spanish official expressed her country’s deep concern on situations in Yemen and anxiousness towards Houthi recent escalation, confirming her country’s support to the internationally recognized government and to efforts for realizing inclusive peace.

She also expressed her anxiousness over restrictions imposed by Houthis on humanitarian activities, which led to deterioration of humanitarian situations reflected on all Yemeni people.

She hoped de-escalation to current situation and reaching to inclusive and permanent peace in Yemen.


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