Army liberates strategic locations in Al-Bayda


September Net

Yemeni Armed Forces have wrested control a number of strategic positions in Qania Front central the province of Al-Bayda.

the liberation followed several attacks on the sites of Houthi militia, which suffered a number of dead and injured among its ranks.

Coalition jets also supported the army during the fighting, targeting crowds and reinforcements of the militia in Yasbel and Masodaa mountains in the same front.

“Houthi militia inflicted heavy losses and a number of its militants were killed and injured by the army fire and Coalition airstrikes,” Commander of 17th Infantry Brigade,  Brig. Ahmed Alnkeh, said to September Net.

He added that the Armed Forces backed by tribesmen engage in non-stop battles with Houthi militants, praising the high morale of the army forces, stressing the liberation of whole territories in Al-Bayda from the Houthi militia that experience serious collapse and breakdown.


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