Defense Minister: We are determined to restore state from the dynastic militia


September Net

Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Makdashi said Yemeni people, armed forces are more determined to restore their state and finish cleaning all soil of homeland from the danger of the dynastic Houthi project, uproot the remnants of Imamate and Persian ambitions, and move towards building a prosperous future under a just federal state that brings back happiness to Yemen and restores its leading position among developed nations.

The Minister’s remarks came during an inspection visit to the 7th Military Zone and combat units stationed in Nihm Front in Sana’a province.

He said “The current stage requires everybody to rally behind the national project, put aside differences and march forth to face the only enemy ( Houthi militia).”

The Defense Minister was acquainted by the commander of the region, General Ahmed Jubran, on the ongoing field operations and valiance of the army heroes against the Houthi militia in Nihm.


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