People of Shabwa renew loyalty to legitimacy, support for regaining state

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People of Shabwa have renewed their loyalty and support to legitimacy led by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and their support to the national army for beating Houthi militia and Iranian agenda in Yemen and restoring the state and its institutions.

In a release for the mass demonstration to people of Shabwa on Sunday in Attaq city, the capital of Shabaw, Shabwanese confirmed the internationally-recognized government is the government entrusted in expressing people’s aspirations and is the legal voice of the struggle in facing Iranian agenda and agendas of Iran’s hands.

The release of the protest organized by the Southern National Alliance said that monopolizing representation of the Southern Issue and claims of popular authorization is a matter does not fit the democracy and threatens social peace and security as it establishes a state of marginalization and exclusion.

“The population maintain their rights of just and full representation in Riyadh consultations regarding formation new government and all political representations and announce their support to the Southern National Alliance and supporting its step for taking their legal rights … for ensuring realizing power and wealth sharing and active participation in political process,” the release went on.

The people of Shabwa renewed also their support to steps taken by local authority for building the state institutions and developmental programs to become an example for liberated provinces.

The protestors pointed out to rich wealth in their province, stressing presidential directives for operating Qana Commercial Port.

The people called on the political leadership to focus on battle of combating Houthi coup, toppling Iranian agenda and liberating Yemen from Houthi militia, ending suffering of the people and providing support sons of the national army and care to families of the martyrs and curing the injured.

The protesters praised Saudi efforts for normalizing conditions in liberated provinces, confirming significance of Riyadh Agreement for ensuring unification of the national front and regaining the state’s institutions.


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