Yemeni army makes great victories, inflicts huge losses on Houthi militia


September Net

Yemeni Armed Forces are making significant advances on various fronts in the ground, inflicting Iran-backed Houthi militia major losses in life and equipment.

In Nihm frontline, eastern Sana’a, the army launched several attacks on the positions of the militia, liberating key sites and mountainous heights in Najd Alataq and Salab where the Houthi rebels  suffered large number of dead and injured among its ranks.

Dozens of Houthi militants including senior leaders were also killed and injured in clashes with army forces and coalition airstrikes in Qania, Sirwah and Almakhdra warfronts.

While the Governorate of Al-Jawf, army troops made rapid progress and captured key sites and areas on the suburbs of Alhazm district, cutting of supply lines of the militia.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s Defense Minister said army forces are launching wide military operations against on various fronts, causing heavy losses in manpower and machines of the Houthi militia

Army Spokesman, said in a statement to the army website 26 September, that the forces are achieving great advances on the warfronts of Sana’a, Al-Jawf and Al-Bayda amid rapid collapse and setbacks among the rebel militia

Military analyst, col. Yahya Abu Hatim, said Houthi militia pushed all its elements toward Marib but all their attempts were doomed to failure and they incurred significant blows.

The Col. said that during August battles Houthi militia lost around 3000 killed and injured from its elements and 150 of their Combat vehicles and cars fully destroyed by the Yemeni Armed Forces which also downed and 37 militia drone.



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