“Governor of Marib Calls for Unity Among Political Parties to Combat Houthi Militias”

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Member of the Presidential Leadership Council, the Governor of Marib, Maj. Gen. Sultan al-Arada has stressed the imperative of aligning political position and media discourse of political parties in a way that contributes to unifying national ranks.

In a meeting with the heads of the branch offices of political parties in Marib, al-Arada reviewed the latest political, military and economic developments in the arena.

He pointed out that the terrorist Houthi militias continue their military buildup, economic escalation, and acts of piracy targeting international navigation in the Red and Arab Sea, the hijacking of Yemeni Airlines planes, and other violations and crimes.

He stressed the necessity of working to strengthen popular unity around the principles of the Republic and adherence to national constants, activating joint action between all components and national forces, and mobilizing all sincere efforts to support the national and fateful battle with the terrorist Houthi militias.


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