WFP’s 2019 plans in Yemen discussed

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September Net

Minister of Foreign Affairs Khaled Al yemany discussed on Wednesday with Re-present active of the World Food Program (WFP) in Yemen Stephen Anderson activities of the program in 2018, which witnessed distribution of food aid worth more than one billion USD and 2019 action plan, which requires supply worth USD 1.8 billion.

The two parties also discussed situation in Hodeida Province and meeting people’s needs and emergency aid, as well as enabling the government to reach grains in theRed Sea Mills’ silos.

Al yemany confirmed that President Hadi’s directives stipulates urges providing all facilitation’s to all international organizations’ offices operating in Yemen, specially WFP for its great efforts for alleviating humanitarian suffering, pointing out that the WFP gains especial status by the government for its transparency in dealing with humanitarian situation.

For his part, the WFP’s representative made it clear that the program understands the deteriorated humanitarian situation in Yemen and seeks to limit this deterioration.

He praised the role of the government for facilitating the program’s activities and settling difficulties facing it.


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